Have you created it…



When I ask this question (have you created it?) I don’t mean have you baked your favourite cake? Or have you knitted an amazing beanie. Although these are both positively exquisite things to do, and things I endorse wholeheartedly. But what I mean is have you created that thing that helps you not just exist as an actor, but rather allows you to really live as a person.

Last month I felt really lucky to be asked to guest speak on The Big Picture, hosted by Emily Grace, who I know I have mentioned to my readers before. EEK! So much pressure to be wise and say clever things. EEK. I was asked to talk about the mix of business meets acting and getting the balance right…even though I’m sure we never get it absolutely perfect, right 🙂 In the lead up to the event I put a lot of thought into what makes the business of acting work. And how can you find a necessary balance between acting and being a business. And this lead me to what it is that we want to create. What is our unique business proposition that is unlike any other being.

You are totally unique. Right at this moment there isn’t a soul out there who is you. Not one. Your toes are yours. Your eyeballs are yours. Your ideas are yours. Which also means in that infinite uniqueness that is you, there is a business that is yours too; a way of living that no one else has or does. Your own spin on the world. Your own version of great.

But here’s what it really boils down to. What I am about to write is the real truth about why you need acting to be a business. Acting doesn’t own you and it certainly isn’t your badge of honour. Actors shouldn’t be defined by their acting alone. Your last job doesn’t denote if you are successful as a person, or happy as a friend, or complete as a lover. It is just a job.

OMG did I actually say that!!

Yes. Acting is a job people. A job. And that’s why it’s important to keep it as a business and to create your business that works in a fulfilling way… not a scary, obsessed, gonna-stalk-a-Casting-Director kind of way.

Rather than sharing tales of successful actors who do ‘other things’ along with their acting to make sure they don’t go insane, I have decided why not share stories about inspiring women who are in other industries. So over the forthcoming weeks you are going to see some interviews on B.A.B.E. with women in different careers who LOVE their jobs and get as much a kick out of what they do in their professions, as we do out of acting. These girls are amazing! And it’s not because of their job. It’s because they’re awesome, and they have managed to find a job they love and they feel fulfilled in, that they’re passionate about and which satisfies them. But it doesn’t define them! They found the right balance.

I really hope this resonates for you!

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