The Christmas lull-aby

This post comes from a chat with a lovely acting friend of mine today about the lull that happens every year around Christmas time. Before we know it, Christmas is upon us and castings slow down for the holiday season. Mulled wine consumption increases, gym memberships find they aren’t being used enough, and our acting emotions sore…sometimes in a not so good way.

So B.A.B.E. readers lets shake it all up. This Christmas, rather than ho ho hoing yourself into the ground about everything that has gone wrong over the last 4 months, why not turn that energy into something that sizzles like an X Factor final. Punch out those happy vibes like you are a Christmas caroler in Love Actually.

Yes I went here this year! Santa Con mayhem.

Do I have a penchant for sucking on too many Christmas helium balloons and getting high? I think not baby puppy. I’m merely excited for every actor who now has the opportunity to use the holidays to make some headway on “those things they didn’t have time to do this year“.  Here’s a list of my top 20 things to consider getting done.

  • Book your new headshots – ask Santa (aka bf, parents, BFFs) to buy you new headshots for Christmas.
  • Enrol into a Casting Director workshop for the new year.
  • Find a new monologue – pick a new comedy, drama or period piece and learn it. And for an extra challenge, learn it in a different accent to your native one.
  • Update your Website – come on you know it needs an overhaul/update/spice up
  • Book yourself in for a new course or group – knitting, jewelry making, bikram yoga, running squad, BMF, salsa, French classes, anything that gets you learning something new.
  • Update your IMDB resume and pictures
  • Send a e-Christmas Card to any director or producer you’ve worked with this year to say THANK YOU and wish them well during the festive season.  Everyone loves an unprompted ‘ho’… (
  • Write a short film
  • Barter a trade – pick something you’re good at and barter with someone for one of their special skills.  No money required.  Trade singing lessons for helping someone build their website. Trade writing a short with getting new headshots.
  • Book tickets in a small local theatre near you that you’ve never been to before.
  • Read reviews by well respected reviewers – find out what they like to see, what they write about and if they’re likely to come and see you sometime in the future. Keep a list.
  • Do your taxes
  • Meet with fellow acting friends for a few sessions – improv, write something, work on a play, sing together.
  • Write a blog – even if no-one else ever sees it, writing is good for the soul.  And you may just find out you have a hidden talent.
  • Go and see some independent films
  • Join Casting Networks – because it’s free to add unlimited photos at the moment…hello!
  • Plan your January – write your goals and market plan for January 2012 so you can kick in the new year with a flying start.  Here’s a great blog about doing just that by Ben Whitehair.  Then pick three items off that goals list and start them NOW.
  • Write to one new Director, Producer or Casting Director each week from now until the end of January. Repetition creates habit!
  • Get a facial – it is about treating yourself a little as well!
  • Celebration glass of wine time – sit down with a mulled wine and spend 30 minutes writing a list of all of your acting related achievements for this year.  Write until either the list, or your hand, is exhausted. Congratulations for making it through a brilliant 2011!

Thanks for a brilliant 2011 everyone!

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