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how rather than nowThe age old adage from that brilliant song “don’t worry, be happy” is the truest thing I know right now. I am such a fretter. I can’t help it. I worry if rent will be paid on time, if I’ll keep making enough to be an actor, if I can afford babies later (yes girls worry about this in their thirties). So many considerations.

And yet, my best work comes when I am not focused on the how. When I am not worrying about the next audition, the next payment, the next VO role, the next office day that will tie me over when it is quiet. When I am truly grounded in a world of gratefulness and inspired by the appreciation of what I already have, great things continue to come my way.

I’m not suggesting for a millisecond that it means times don’t get tough, but I have absolutely no control of what to do and what happens next outside of my sphere of influence.

Last week alone I probably spent a million moments wondering if I booked any recent auditions that I had. But guess what. That worry works out to be nothing because I’m not a mind reader. I can’t predict the future.

I loved Anthony Meindl’s recent workshop in London. He spoke about the how’s not needing to matter. Just think about now and be grateful. It was just what I needed to hear. And boom, a week later my agent called and I had another audition that turned into a recall that turned into a job. Thanks Anthony! Remind me again weekly please.

If you can align the stars magically through telepathy then this blog post isn’t relevant to you. However if you haven’t yet sorted that out, then here’s the truth.

All you have is now! This moment, this millisecond, this breath. Use it wisely.

How long is a piece of string...isn't that anyone's guess.
How long is a piece of string…isn’t that anyone’s guess.

Cherish the second you walk into that audition room and face the Casting Director. Feel the tingle in your body. Allow yourself to be alive at the thought that you’re doing it (acting that is). Auditioning is living the dream. Auditioning is acting. Check in with yourself regularly. You’re allowed to acknowledge that you’re tingling with nerves, that you’re excited at the prospect of now, that you really want this. Just relish in the moment. Don’t forget to look that CD in for eyes. Smile. Breath. Relax.

Wow, now feels pretty lush! How good is the now rather than the how.


**Side note: And sorry, this post has nothing to do with elocution lessons. 



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