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You might have heard me last year chatting live on a webisode with the brilliant LA based Emily Grace. And later in the year guesting on her incredible two series regularweek program The Big Picture where she had all kinds of speakers talk about the industry from various vantage points (finance to well-being and spirituality), sharing how actors can give themselves the best possible chance to succeed.
Well, now I’m delighted to share with you that Emily is teaming up with Wendy Davis, the star of Lifetime’s Army Wives, to bring another free webinar “Audition Secrets From A Series Regular.”
This value packed one hour online webinar will be hosted by my friend, Sundance-award winning actress Emily Grace, and Emily and Wendy will be chatting live about the exact audition technique Wendy used to go from no callbacks or bookings to a Series Lead.


If you’re frustrated with the audition process, this webinar is absolutely the one for you! If you’re thinking about LA at any time in the future, this is for you. If you think you need a big fat push to get you motivated, this is for you.

Get the inside scoop on auditions from someone who has made the leap from an unknown to Series Lead…and how you can too.
When is this happening you ask…
This webinar is happening LIVE on Wednesday August 5th at 8pm UK and it is 100% FREE to join, just be sure to reserve your spot right here. I also recommend signing up even if you can’t attend so you can receive the replay and listen later. Also, there are limited places for it so best to get in early. I mean it’s free after all so you don’t have to spend a cent, pound or euro!
I think most importantly, that you need to know what you’ll get out of it. During the session the ladies will chat about:emily grace
  • How to turn your auditions into a game that you can play…and win
  • The exact audition technique Wendy uses to book all her film and television work
  • The biggest reason actors don’t book auditions (and what to do instead)
Episodic season is just around the corner.  It’s the perfect time to learn these Series Regular audition secrets.
Ready to make this your best Episodic Season yet?
Here’s the link again to the FREE Webinar.

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