Making the move…

Preparing the heart like you are going into a love battle to win your knight in shining armour.

I was incredibly lucky. I came home one day and announced to my family and friends that I had decided I was going to move to the UK and make it as an actor (why do I say actor? More on that in future blogs but for now please know that I am referring to both males and females in reference to this word). To my surprise and delight they all whole heartedly slapped me on the back and wished me luck. I had more support than you could poke a stick at, and it also meant that I was less afraid when I actually did pack up and move to the other side of the world.
For any brave soul who decides to do the same, it is just like preparing the heart to go into a love battle to win your knight in shining armour. At the risk of sounding cliché, the moment you chose to break the rules and plunge into these depths of the unknown is the most beautiful and defining moment of truth. Suddenly fear is enveloped by support and freedom and it suffocates. Suddenly your friends and cherished besties become your warm blanket for any mishaps or moments that go terribly wrong. They want you to succeed as much as you want to. There’s nothing more exciting for your mates than being able to say, “you know Sarah Jessica Parker…yeah she’s like my best friend and I knew her long before she became a Hollywood super
And for you personally, the moment you have the guts to define yourself as an actor or actress is the first moment you’ve already succeeded as an actor. I don’t think I ever met a surgeon who said they did it in their spare time. And quite frankly I’m not so sure I’d be delighted at the prospect of having a part-time surgeon operating on me. The same could be said about the future aspiring actor. If you firmly believe in your heart that you are a full-time actor, and everything else takes second place to that then you have already begun the journey. And that happens even before you leave the shores of home sweet home to venture abroad. If you are too scared to actually announce to the world that you are an actor, then why would Spielberg hire you? I certainly wouldn’t hire someone who didn’t even have the guts to tell their parents or best friend that it was their “one and only dream”. Realise your dream right now or otherwise you are wasting everyone’s time, and more importantly you are wasting your own time.
In summary BABE:
Realise the moment that it happens for you, and if you can perhaps even jot it down into a diary or somewhere convenient for safe-keeping. You will want to come back to it one day.
The moment you start calling yourself an actor first, and a waitress, Account Manager, hostess, consultant etc. second, is the moment you begin your true journey.
This week make sure you tell one stranger who you’ve never met what you do in life. Even if it means striking up a conversation with your local Starbucks guy (who might think you quite fancy him), take the leap and when he or she asks what you do, say I’m an actor/actress. Don’t even mention the other jobs you have. Who cares. You don’t. And if they ask you can always come up with an interesting answer…you’re an actor darling after all.
Before making the big move to London to make it as an actor, I was actually a full time Account Manager for a big company. I spent so much time working my butt off and enjoying all the perks that come with a great company, amazing friends and a corporate career that it became very easy to put off chasing my dreams. The wake up call for me was finding out I was about to hit long service leave. Time to go… Angela!
You’re a See you on the flip side. x

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  1. Rebecca James says:

    You are so right and it’s great to have a reminder. Making the move is the most important step. What follows is the journey. You are such a huge inspiration (to me and zillions of others).

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