14 ways to positively promote yourself as an actor

So you know you need to get busy and let more people know about you and what you do.  Here’s 14 ways to positively increase your fan base (the right way).  You don’t need to do these all at once. Perhaps just pick out three you want to do this month and get cracking.  

You can always email me if you want help or ideas with executing any of these tips.

  1. Create your own website.
  2. Be kind to everyone you meet, esp. when you are the biggest star on set.
  3. Always be networking.
  4. Practise your craft monthly with fellow actors.
  5. Tweet me baby…. get on board the social media train and tweet about your successes (and follow other successful actors).
  6. Send a thankyou email after you meet an actor who inspires you.
  7. Use an auto signature to promote your website/IMDB link(s).
  8. Take the time out to see your acting friends’ theatre shows, launches and events.
  9. Read autobiographies about successful actors. What did they do.
  10. Get on IMDB, as well as your country’s main professional website (e.g. Spotlight in the UK).
  11. Do some low budget feature films to increase your industry contacts.
  12. No matter how small you think your ego is, make it smaller.
  13. Always compliment a fellow actor if they did a brilliant performance.
  14. Share your positive ideas on self promotion with others.

p.s. did I mention I’m on twitter… follow me at @angiepang and be sure to check out some of the fabulous actors I follow.  I’ve learnt so much from them. 

1 thoughts on “14 ways to positively promote yourself as an actor

  1. carrie says:

    Great advice! Especially regarding ego. You are a truly genuine and humble person — nothing feigned about it! And because of this, you make friends wherever you go, many of whom are in the industry.

    Loving the positivity and practical advice. I wish you'd created this blog when I lived in London — would have done me some good. 🙂


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