15. Time for tea

Well, it’s not until you don’t have your broadband on at your new house that you realise just how much time we actors spend going about the business of business… finding work, writing letters, checking castings, script readings etc.

Please accept my humblest babelishious apologies that the ‘Agent’ blog isn’t out yet, and thanks to those of you who have enquired….it is on the way.  A few of the key contributors are very busy with other paid work so I have pushed it back a few weeks to give them more time. I believe they’re worth the wait!

This week I wanted to share the acting idea of ‘cup of tea time‘ time.
Because I’ve had more downtime than usual with limited access to the internet I’ve had to resort to spending more time in my least favourite location – my local Starbucks (having said that it is really fun for people watching!). And I realised that if I worked each day on my acting business for just as long as it takes to finish a large cup of chai tea, I could actually be much more productive.

I know I have spoken about this before, but procrastination is/can be one of my fatal three. Is it for you? My fatal three are:
1) Procrastination,
2) Too many projects on the go, and
3) No clear goals

Percy wasn’t sure if Wilfred really was  enjoying his Teapigs tea.

So during this very eventful week while sipping my chai teas and becoming more familiar with my local Starbucks counter crew, I realised I was working through my acting to-do list to do at a rapid rate. As soon as I only have a limited amount of couch time with wifi I actually get things done. I was able to knock off about four big-ticket items in two days that otherwise I might have procrastinated about for at least a good week or two.

Why am I suddenly productive only now? You must be thinking “Surely I can do this from the comfort of my own wifi happy house while sitting on my uber comfy couch…” Well yes you can. But for me, if I only have one hour to sit there before I need to get up and use the facilities (and possibly have someone whisk away with my shiny white laptop) or before my bottom goes to sleep, then I have to get on with the most important items. Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier.  I opened my diary, read through my list, clocked the things I really HAD to do immediately and started working through them.

And well, we know the English love their tea, so surely a few of you out there are thinking this ‘cup of tea time’ theory is worth a try. You get your favourite cuppa and you do your work at record speed. So I challenge you to put the kettle on, make your tea and see if you can’t get two big items off your acting do-do list completed by the time you can see the tealeaves at the bottom of your cup. I managed to write a first draft a synopsis yesterday from the sunny window of Starbucks. 

Ready, set and brew! You’re a b.a.b.e.

p.s. this is not an endorsement for any particular coffee chains.  I just like that they offer free wifi.

3 thoughts on “15. Time for tea

  1. Felicity says:

    I'm taking the cup of tea challenge as I write 😉 just boiled – love this idea!! I have a list of 15 things and will aim for two things done by end of tea and save this list for my other cuppas later today felicity x

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