24. Freestyling

There are so many amazing blogs out there for actors to read that will teach you a lot of tricks in the trade.  And believe me when I say in this industry it’s much smarter to learn through others than to make school girl errors in front of big casting directors, agents or directors.  So this week I’ve compiled a list of a few incredible blogs that I read frequently.  Feel free to check them out. I’ve also included their twitter names where relevant in case you want to follow them.

The Networkerhttp://cninetworker.blogspot.com/: Written by a team of people including Laurie Records @laurierecords), these professionals in the industry are insightful and direct.  An example of a recent blog I read on here, loved and tweeted about is http://cninetworker.blogspot.com/2011/07/commercial-actors-should-never.html

Playbills Vs Paying Bills http://playbillsvspayingbills.com/: This dynamic trio really are shaking things up in three major American cities.  Not only are Ben Whitehair (@BenWhitehair), @ErinCronican and @JoeVonBokern) brilliant actors, but their advice is savvy, honest and clever.  They don’t blog nonsense, they really break the business down and discuss everything from making money through to writing effective actor business plans.  Hats off!

The Professional Actor http://theprofessionalactor.com/:  Hands down if there was ever a guy on the street offering advise for a penny, I’d throw him a ÂŁ20 note.  I have bought Bob Frasers (@BobFraser) e-books, and I’ve been talking about him ever since.  His advise is practical, uplifting, and it all comes from someone who has been making money in the business for longer than I’ve been alive…no offence to Bob there.  He’s just wise.

Carrie’s Adventures in Theatrelandhttp://blog.carriedaniel.com/: On the lighter side this beautiful and talented actor, dancer and writer puts the sunshine back into my day every time I read her blog. Carrie (@thecarriedaniel) and I met many years ago in London and since then I keep up with her journey by subscribing to and reading weekly her stories about the joys and battles of finding success as an up-and-coming actor in America. 

The Great Acting Blog http://thegreatactingblog.posterous.com/: This blog is written by actor and voiceover artists James (@) and I’m only new to reading it but at the moment I just adore it. This is definitely one on my radar that I’ll continue to read each post.

Eight Hours a Day at leasthttp://eighthoursadayatleast.blogspot.com/: Paul (@acting4camera) is having a tell it like it is Tuesday moment every time he posts a blog and I love it.  While this blog isn’t updated weekly (it’s more leisurely than that) when he does write a post it packs a punch and really is relevant, irreverant and genius.  I just adore these blogs because they are really about challenging the reader, typically actors and industry professionals, to reconsider what they are doing and how they are operating.

The Struggling Actresshttp://thestrugglingactress.blogspot.com/: So the name says it all hey.  I’m pretty sure you can work this one out.  Definitely a fascinating read.  Love @lirabobeera rants and banter and funny faces. Beautifully written.  Every time I read a post it makes me want to meet Lira in person. Check her out…

Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s it for this week.  Back to self promotion next week with a little chat about twitter.  Reach for the stars beautiful people.

p.s. you’re a B.A.B.E

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