30. What can happen in a year

On the suggestion of a friend, B.A.B.E (Begin Acting, Believe Everything) started all of a year ago with this post ‘So Who Am I‘. It was simple enough writing a blog every few weeks.  I just pick relevant topics that acting friends are discussing from week to week. It also helps me because it gives me a platform to share my ideas and express my thoughts to those lovely readers who need a pick me up (or a teaspoon of truth with their coffee).

So on reflection of how this blog started all of a year ago, it prompted me to put pen to paper, well keyboard stroke to laptop, and really think about what has happened in a year since B.A.B.E came into fruition.

What can happen in a year:

  • The UK Actors Tweetups which I founded have grown astronomically into a huge monthly event and we are about the grow the team by another member to make us even bigger.  We have even started holding Q&A; sessions (every quarter) before our monthly tweetups. I am beside myself with the joy that this group provides me with.  To bring new and accomplished actors, directors, producers, and composers etc together monthly to discuss their progress, network, collaborate and just generally enjoy a bit of banter is an absolute delight.
  • I was asked by an Australian company to start blogging for their site.  I do this weekly under a pseudo name… I know right, I have a pseudo name!
  • I’ve moved agents.  I totally changed my thoughts on what I need right now from an agent.  And all I can hope is that through trial and error I will find the perfect partner in crime to help me achieve my goals…maybe my new agency is “the one”. Is this love that I’m feeling! #CornyButTrue
  • A few of the actors who I met only a year or so ago are now my closest acting friends.  I can’t even describe the amazing way it makes me feel to know I can always pick up the phone and have a friend on the other end – be that to cry to, laugh with or scheme another audition or role with. 
  • I was offered the dream job of getting to join Casting Networks in the UK and work with a very talented team…and it all started from a tweet.  
  • A number of projects that I have been working on continue to grow and flourish, as do other projects I was in many years ago.  A great example of this is the wonderful movie ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ by Haider Rashid. It had a cinema release last year, won an international film festival (or two) and has now been released online at https://prescreen.com/movie/.
  • My twitter followers continue to grow – I love that people actually do read the silly stuff I write.  Thanks for the follows! 
  • I’ve had nearly 3000 hits on this blog…wowsers.  And I’m sure only 80 of those were mine!
  • And most importantly I continue to progress as an actor.  I could never want for more than to be full time paid working actor all the time and each day I get a teeny closer to this reality.

I hope that you are chasing dreams and constantly working on something you feel passionately about. I’d love to hear your achievements if you have but a moment to share a comment.

    Whatever your dreams, goals or ambitions are, follow them with reckless abandon.  Know that you can be everything you want to be and even more.  Give generously, love honestly, and live openly.

    p.s. Thanks for continuing to read B.A.B.E.

    5 thoughts on “30. What can happen in a year

    1. Angela says:

      Lenka, thanks for the lovely comment – you are so inspirational yourself. Love your blog, and love the leaps and bounds you are taking in London. Feel free to share some of them here.

    2. Angela says:

      Thanks Felicity. I also thought it was wonderful reading The Daily Love the other day (a totally non-actor related blog) and seeing someone else assess life since they started a blog less than a year ago: http://thedailylove.com/how-to-finish-the-year-strong-with-a-bang/

      We can achieve so much with determination, focus, persistence, commitment and love. And it is equally important to reflect on our achievements and be reminded of just how far we have come in our journey.

      Thanks for reading Felicity! You have been an inspiration to me as well x

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