10 things I know about you!

Okay well maybe I haven’t been watching you from behind the curtains checking your every move.  It might be better to say here are 10 things I know about your acting career! Here they are. My top 10 tips as we leave the Olympic mayhem and get stuck back into acting to take the second half of this year with a bang.

  1. Actors who make it big almost always do things differently.
  2. An actor with a black and white headshot from a kazzillion years ago (that doesn’t look even remotely like their current self) doesn’t get called back after that first audition.
  3. Monologues from the 80’s when you aren’t 21 anymore don’t get an actor those girl-next-door parts.
  4. Taking risks could get you the biggest rewards your career will ever see.
  5. Not networking because you don’t like doing it, won’t get you known to local industry professionals when starting out.
  6. Actors who work HARD get further. Full stop.
  7. It typically takes 7+ years to be an overnight success. Mostly longer!
  8. There aren’t actually short cuts to good old fashioned line-learning and character choices. Just get out there and do your homework.
  9. You are always the right age to start your career.
  10. You are already the perfect actor – believe it. 

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