Love is in the air

A kind stranger left this sign in London!
So acting is a little bit like dating (bear with me there is a point and a correlation). When you want to start dating again you need to be in tip top condition. You get a great haircut, new outfits, sometimes a complete makeover, and then you get out there and strut your best assets off like nobody’s business. Acting really isn’t any different. Occasionally you’ll do the makeover thing, you often get a new outfit, and almost always you’ll be out there strutting it like nobody’s business. And in the same way, if you feel awesome, you will attract awesome. The power of our bodies is our extraordinary ability to give and receive energy. It’s all about the good forces (queue Darth Vadar end battle music). It is about being determined, brilliant, sexy and full of possibility.

So what happens when it all falls apart and you aren’t feeling it? What happens when you are on the Executor (Darth Vadar’s ship), locked in the cabin down the bottom, unable to be heard. You feel grubby, crap and bored. You aren’t working any angles except an advert for baked beans slop. You aren’t just having a bad day, you’re having a bad year / century.

Mediocrity isn’t sexy at all. We want awesome. We want a total B.A.B.E.. We want a life makeover. And guess what it’s called? LOVE.

The simple truth about the difference between you and the other hottie sitting on the couch in the audition room is about the love you have for yourself. It is about how you value yourself. And when you don’t love yourself how can anyone else, be that a boyfriend or a Casting Director. 

I’ve done it. I’ve been there. I’ve been so down that a squashed marshmallow would look better for the hair advert that I was auditioning for. And every time this self doubt crept in, every time I felt so low I wondered why I do what I do, I realised the truth behind it. I just needed to envelope myself in love and give myself a break. Why? Because sometimes we really do push ourselves too much. We live in a society that is about everything now. Disposable incomes, DINK (double income no kids) mates, iphones we replace annually, music we no longer buy a CD of, Netflicks to see the latest films….it’s a different world. Everything we need is immediate, so sometimes we unwittingly also make the assumption that everything our body, soul and mind needs is immediately there too. But it’s not! No matter how fast the pace of life becomes, we need to be wrapped in LOVE regularly. 

Right now do you need to find your LOVE again? I think there are few tricks that can really help when you feel out of kilter and know that you want to rekindle your love of yourself? (and please note: these are just some suggestions based on things I do as part of my personal journey of self discovery): 

  • Take a pen and paper and write yourself a love letter! I mean it. Write everything about you that you love! Be unashamed. Don’t be bashful. Explore every part of you and write it all down in a long sexy adorable love letter to yourself. Now read it over again before you fold it up and put it away (perhaps even while you are taking a bubble bath, good book in tow). Make sure you put it somewhere that you’ll find it again in the future, when you least expect it. 
  • Take a walk in the park or a common. Stop at a place that feels sublime or glorious (for me it’s a little spot with a pond that always has the sunset twinkling over the water) and take your shoes off. Rest your feet on the ground and really feel the earth. Actually take time to connect with what nature feels like. I can’t even explain how good this is. Focus on your breathing. Don’t listen to music, just let the distractions of people walking by, children playing, sports people exercising and nature singing, envelope you. 
  • Check out the beautiful The Artist’s Way and start doing your morning pages. I can not even tell you how incredible this book is, and I am so thankful to my friends for suggesting I explore the wisdom that the author Julia Cameron passes on so selflessly. I am gaining so much from the exploration of my creative side, and finding new ways to love me – the very flawed, imperfect me. 
  • Commit to at least one night a week where you do something you love, that is just for you. If you can help it, make it something that doesn’t involve simply watching TV in your pyjama’s  Instead consider something that is special for you and makes you feel wonderful. For me this is playing my guitar and singing, or it is going to life drawing classes. 
  • Buy a cupcake! Indulgence feels awesome 🙂

Know that you are LOVED.

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