Undies should never last a lifetime

But dreams can!

It is nearly Christmas, or for those who celebrate different religious or spiritual offerings to myself, a holiday time to spend with loved ones.  And it’s always that time of the year where we reflect on the triumphs and what we have learned. What did we achieve, what can we do differently, how might we fly into the new year etc.

photo: the sudden laugh

So why undies? Well I had a fabulous moment this week while packing my stuff, of clearing out old clothes and underwear. And there is nothing more gratifying than throwing out a few pairs of duds that have definitely had better days (men could learn something here!). And I got to thinking about why it’s so hard to let go of the holey goodness of a pair of Bonds undies that have seen better days. Is it because they’re lucky? Surely not all pairs are (though I do have one lucky pair I can’t part with). But they do go with us everywhere we go!

Yet when we finally do “the clean out” we feel a sort of peace. It’s really gratifying! It is carthartic. And it is the same as letting go of the BS that we often house in our heads. Those annoying thoughts and triggers that don’t allow us to move forward. Get stuck in a rut occasionally? Ever thought of having a clear out?

Old crappy thoughts – delete!
Old negative audition chills – throw away!
Old awful director moments – done with them!
Old bad reviews – who cares!

Get out with the old (undies and thoughts) and in with the new. Start by thinking about the ten things you learned this year. Honestly sit down an assess what has changed for you since the start of the year. Do you know more about your acting style? Have you learned improv techniques? Did you get in front of a significant Casting Director and now know what they like to see? Have you flaked out on an audition and know you’ll never do that again? Did you book a totally dud job and know know how to better check the credibility of an independent film company?

If we are honest, there are a bunch of things we can learn each year as we grow as actors. I don’t care how cliche it sounds – we are always, always learning!

Next step….What totally rocked your 2012? It may not have been you booking a TV regular role. It may not have been the lead in The Hobbit. But it might have been a bunch of other things. Perhaps a pencil for a job – that Casting Director now knows you do good work; Table reading for an amazing feature – those actors and producers have witnessed you have acting chops; Booked a lead in a fringe theatre gig – all those audience members know your work now and that may include producers, CDs and agents; Get a good review – bam, straight to your website; New amazing headshots to go with your new fancy haircut – imagine how much more you’ll book now you look like you on your submissions!

The list goes on.

2013 can and will be anything you want from it. But first things first. Get rid of the old undies and get on with the things that mean you have space for the positivity you need to conquer everything in this intense business of acting. Get ready for some holey-less goodness B.A.B.E.’s.

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