Moment to moment

There’s a moment I remember years ago in Australia.

I was back there for nine months because I needed to finalise my EU passport and wasn’t able to stay in the UK any longer to do it. To say I was disappointed to leave London is an understatement. I didn’t want to be back in Australia. Not because I didn’t love my friends, my family, and the beautiful sunkissed beaches in Oz, but because I didn’t want to leave the life I was building in London, the acting career I was forging for myself. I didn’t want to put it on hold temporarily.

But one night while back there, my flatmate invited me to the V Festival at the Gold Coast. We all donned on our favourite festival attire, jumped in her car and headed to the sunny Coast for one hell of an afternoon and evening. Knowing we all wanted to get smashed, we also made sure we had a hotel to stay in nearby. And then we hit that festival like four kids on their first trip to the Harry Potter house.

And that night something magical happened. The sky opened up and it poured down with rain like you have never seen. It absolutely bucketed down. The kind where you are soaked to the bone and no umbrella is going to protect you. The Killers were playing Mr Brightside and I was mesmerised. And as it rained down on us, my pal Paul and I danced in the middle of the festival parkland right at the back without anyone around us. We danced and danced on the wet grass, clothes soaked, as the rain continued to fall on our heads like a warm summer bath in a rainforest. It was the most glorious feeling. To completely let go and be at one with the music, the beat, the rain falling, the rhythm running through my body, the feeling of utter bliss as I let go of all of my inhibitions and gave in to that moment.

I’m not even sure how many times before or after that moment that I’ve truly let go in the same way (well I guess the recent having a baby is another time I let go :)).

So I guess it’s lucky I did end up back in Oz and that I had that moment of realisation.

Have you ever felt that? That full and utter release of everything. That moment where you give in completely and surrender to life. When you are captive to your presence… I want that moment again and again. I want to be a child again. I want to surrender to it and allow myself to float above the mundanity of being a grown up. I want to live in the now, every day.

As 2017 floats in and brings with it the promise of new beginnings, new goals, new resolutions, new triumphs, new love, new auditions, new job opportunities and new promises, I challenge you to surrender to multiple moments and give it all you’ve got.

Make every conversation count. Make every audition feel like you’re absolutely and entirely in the moment. Make every coffee date with your bestie about them and not your phone. Make every walk in the park one where you are present to the earth, the animals, the breath of life.

And just for one day, when it rains don’t lift your umbrella up. Instead, just soak up the rain and let it melt your body. Or take your shoes off and let your toes touch the grass in a leafy park. Let yourself feel the earth.

I want to surrender to living. I want 2017 to be the year that I am represented. The year that I am fully alive again. Goodbye to any of the crappy stuff that happened in 2016, and hello to the gloriousness of another year of magic.


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