First acting mummy video

So it would only be fitting that an actor would vlog right? Wrong. Ha ha. Up to this point I haven’t. I tried in vain to start vlogs a few times and they always failed because mostly I lack the discipline to sit down and get that story onto a video, edit it and post it. But I love writing. So I’ll happily write write write write all the time.

But I decided enough is enough. How fun if Master O and I chronicle our journey in video form. I imagine mostly it’ll be just me, banging on in the usual manner about whatever is topical at a particular moment in time. But with any luck, I might just have a day where I offer something news/watch worthy.

Initially I started with cooking. Easy right? Wrong again. These fruit yoghurt dots are amazing to taste, but boy did it take some convincing with Master O.

Anyway, catch my first ever video and all it’s flaws, here…. I’ll get working on my technical skills I promise 😉


Thank you to Maria Zaprani for the photo. We love her pics!

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