Ways to Stay on the Right Side of a Casting Director

Over the years I’ve genuinely heard and been asked the funniest things from actors about Casting Directors… Like ‘Is it okay to be in touch with a Casting Director to offer to take them out, after only booking one job?’, or ‘Could I call a Casting Director and ask them to vouch for me when it’s time to find a new agent, after booking just one job with them?’ And these are just two of a bunch of random questions I’ve heard or been asked.

Two issues – the actors sharing this weren’t being intentionally funny, and second problem is, while casting directors love it when we book for them, they’re also super busy people with their own things going on. Casting Directors aren’t actually here to be “managing” our careers. And really, honestly, truly….offering to take them out for a drink or dinner when we hardly know them is a tiny bit stalkery. If you really think about it, wouldn’t you find it a tad unusual if you worked with someone for a day, then they asked you to dinner? Immediately that screams – they like me and wanna go on a date (or is that just me?).

The good news…we can still have a good, less intrusive relationship with them by following a few quick, easy steps. And I decided to go into a little bit of detail on what they are, over on Backstage.

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6 ways to stay on the right side of a casting director

As always, I welcome any comments, thoughts and shares on this. Have you invited a CD to dinner after just one job booking and they said yes? Or perhaps you sent them a gift and they personally got in touch to say thanks? Or do you think it’s silly to even consider saying thank you because it’s their job to cast us? Drop your comments below, or over on the Backstage article.


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