40. Why walk when we can run?

This morning I read a very powerful and moving article in Short List about the athlete Oscar Pistorius.  There is a lot of hype around this 25 year old right now.  Why? Because once he makes another sub 45.25 run he qualifies to compete in both the Olympics and Paralympics in London 2012. If he does, he will be the first amputee ever to achieve this.

Every time I hear an actor say they can’t do something I am going to quietly stop talking, pause for a moment, write his name down on a piece of paper, give it to them and say nothing more.  If he can do that, I can certainly achieve everything my heart desires in the acting arena. This arena after all is my trial. My Olympics is the Oscars.  This guy competes at the highest level of athletic competition open to him in the world, so why can’t I win an Oscar.  Oscar for an Oscar.

To achieve the unachievable all you need to do is remove the clutter in your head that tells you success is not available to you.  Of course it is. You can be anything your heart desires and Oscar is a testament to this.  Think you are too large for a role, tell that to Melissa McCarthy or Jack Black.  Think you are too unusual looking, tell that to Steve Buscemi. Think your accent is too thick, tell that to Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Think you are too old, maybe chat to Dame Judi Dench. Too young to get the big roles, ask Abbie Cornish. Got dyslexia, chat to Kara Tointon. They didn’t make excuses, they just got on with it.  There is a niche market for you if you find a creative way to channel it.

Daily I meet the most interesting actors on set, at auditions, at networking events and just generally around London.  I am constantly overwhelmed and delighted by their talent. And I tell them this as often as I can.  But if they don’t believe in themselves it will make absolutely no difference who else is backing them.

So take a few minutes to read a little more about Oscar Pistorius and see if you can’t emulate his personal conviction, self believe and dedication to his running as you climb your way to your own personal Olympic red carpet.

Oscar Pistorius

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Károly Takács, a Hungarian soldier, was one of the world's best pistol shots.

    The Hungarians wouldn't let him represent Hungary in the Olympics because he was an enlisted man, and pistol shooting in the Olympics was only for officers from "good families" (that is, you bought your commission).

    Accordingly, he was not permitted to compete in the 1936 Olympics. After the 1936 Olympics, the Hungarian government changed its rule and Takács was looking forward to entering the 1940 Olympics.

    However, in 1938, he was seriously wounded by a grenade, and lost the use of his right hand, which was his pistol hand.

    Due to World War II, there were no Olympic Games in 1940 or 1944.

    In 1948, now 38, Takács competed in the Olympics.

    He defeated the reigning world champion, set a new world record, and won the gold medal.

    Using his left hand.

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