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OMG is it Cannes time again already…. *runs around the room throwing hands in the air*actors going to cannes for the first time

Last year I did a big post on what to do to get ready for Cannes that detailed some places you can look for regarding getting accreditation, places to check out, and getting there and away.  This year I want to get in early and let you know that if you are planning on attending the 65th Cannes Film Festival, now is the time to submit your application to attend as a professional actor/producer/director etc.  But of course, I focus on actors.  I can’t profess to know that much about the other side of the business in terms of attacking the festival circuit.  What I can tell you is what you need to get ready.  So here goes:

Accommodation: Check out this brilliant website for details:
This guide has so much more in it about Cannes than just accommodation but it is a wonderful place to start.

Dresses: There is every chance, especially if you have accreditation, that you will be strutting it up the red carpet at some point during your time at the Cannes Film Festival. It is one of the stand out festivals that is not just for the markets. I have heard it on good authority from industry professionals that it is one of the most glamorous of the big five.

So I recommend you don’t go without an amazing outfit (I mean it!). Even if you only have one tres fabulous dress, then take that and wear it proudly. Alternatives:
Find a stylist who you can work with. If you have a film screening there (and I don’t mean the Short Film Corner) you will want a super sexy, dazzle them with your hotness, sex-on-legs-in-a-stylish-way garment on hand. So start contacting the right people now. I can pass on personal recommendations if you get in touch.
Find designers who want to show case their work.  If you are a working actor, speak to an upcoming designer who you like, or get your agent or manager to, and tell them you are attending the film festival to promote movies you are in.  Ask if they fancy dressing you. Then, once you get to Cannes be sure to get papped in their dress so they get the press. All of this is absolutely possible.
Buy a fabulous dress. If all else fails, get the credit card out and part with the pounds. You really don’t want to get stuck in your daytime summer frock as the ugly duckling next to the beautiful babes on the carpet or at parties.
Borrow it. Cinderella had hand me downs, and you can too.  No one will ever know 😉

Contacts – It is always a good idea to prepare early, and I suggest you start now. I’m already in talks with producers, directors and writers who are attending the festival this year. This way I know where they’ll be and when they’ll be around. Hopefully we will both be finding invites to the hottest parties and best networking opportunities available and sharing opportunities.  No one wants to arrive in Cannes and be a noddy no friends walking aimlessly up and down Le Croissette.

Business Cards – By far, this is the easiest of your pre-Cannes tasks. Check out for some seriously cute and reasonably priced business card that scream cool and functional. I have 10 different acting headshots on the back of my mini cards….collect all 10! (kidding)

Flight – Right now there are some unbelievably cheap flights on British Airways straight to Nice. I would recommend checking them out and booking your flight now. Why go with a budget airline when you can go with a lovely reputable airline that won’t shuffle you in like cattle.  This is Cannes after all darling.

And if you have any suggestions for newbies to Cannes, please feel free to add your details below. Also, feel free to add comments to let others know that you’ll be there.

going to cannes film festival
Come on, you know you wanna be at the Academy Awards or Cannes Film Festival!

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