Pencil pants

How many times can you get penciled for work…  The call comes through from your agent while you are midway through a 6-inch sub and dreaming about the days when you’ll be eating at Nobu instead. You animatedly thank your agent and then the waiting begins. You’ve been here a million times.

I’ve also heard the Casting Directors (CD) talk about what it means for actors to get penciled. It’s one of those things. They like you, or the client likes you, or the director likes you. Typically it’s just about getting all three in the same page. After the initial audition when the CD has selected who to call in, it’s a lot less about their choices and mostly about the client. But all three are just as important. The CD wouldn’t call you in unless they consider you right for the role. And if you keep getting penciled then they’ll keep calling you in. You getting a pencil is demonstrating that you’re likeable on screen, and clients favour you. And your audition must be a bit of alright to get that pencil. [SIDE NOTE: Want to see if from a CD’s perspective, this is a great post about your callback.] 

Regardless of whether you are chosen you have still done exceptionally well to be in that position. So don’t take anything away from yourself when you are considering your personal journey and success to-date.

The next big hurdle for you is going to be letting go. After you get the call from the agent to tell you (and to check the dates), you then have the lil old job of not making it count (too much). We are professional auditionees. This is what we do. We must take it in, and then let go. Easier said than done. But worth it. Even if you don’t book this job, you as a professional auditionee are one step closer to your next booking. 

How great that they like you!

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