The Comparison Game

“Comparing yourself, your career, your jobs, your looks, your anything, to someone else will take away your own uniqueness.”

What a wicked evil little trap we actor fall into sometimes. The idea that we aren’t good enough because Lou, Mary and Renee are doing so much better than we are.

Sure maybe their IMDB lists are longer, or their CD contacts are better, or their agent is higher up the agent chain. But who knows what their path is, was, or will be. Many actors have been working in the industry for more than 10 years to enjoy the relative success they do right at this very minute. And often the ones we know publicly, started much easier. Child actors can still take 10 years to be known – hence making them recognisable at 23. And adult actors can be the same.

But who says you aren’t going to be the next Angelina. Why can’t you be “the one they’ve been looking for all this time“. Does a short IMDB list mean you can’t hit box office? Hell no! Does a mediocre agent mean you can’t get a huge feature film role? Again, no way!

9 times out of 10, and I see it again and again, the only thing standing in an actors way, is their inability to plainly see and visualise the success that they aspire to have. And then following on from that, making a plan to push forward towards that direction. We just need to (wo)man up and create the possibility. Comparing yourself, your career, your jobs, your looks, your anything to someone else, will take away your own uniqueness. You aren’t Angelina. There can be only one. But you are something incredible! You are the kind of incredible they have been waiting for. You are the kind of wow factor that this director has been wanting to step in front of her for years. So go out there and own it.

Want to compare? Be a panelist, not an actor.

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