The perfect possie

So you probably thought from the title that I was talking about your ‘possie’ (Entourage style)… but I was being sneaky. I’m actually here to talk about your perfect position.  Your perfect moment. Your perfect place to be for success. Your perfect amount of training before you can go out and meet agents. Your perfect showreel before you apply for jobs. Your perfect amount of money in the bank before you take risks and start earning acting money.

When is this time?


Get used to it.  I repeat, there is never a perfect time. 

The right time is right now, right here in this very moment.  You are in the perfect position. Each and every time you wake up and step out into the world you are in exactly the right place that you are meant to be (see I was meant to send this blog post too quickly!). Just because you don’t have the “six pack abs” you are working towards, or your agent isn’t necessarily the number one in the country, or your IMDB ranking isn’t top 5000 (yet), or you don’t own a shiny new bright car, don’t mean you are not in the perfect position. You are perfection.

Why am I saying this.  Why am I getting worked up about it? Daily, weekly, and monthly I see actors failing to be what they can be because they say they are not yet “ready” to get out there.  Please don’t put off until tomorrow what you can be doing today. Right now is the right time. You are in your perfect possie.  Call that Casting Director about the job. Email your Director contact about their upcoming movie. Go to that audition. If you wait for a better agent, or a better haircut, or new photos, or more money, you may actually wake up one day and realise you have lost ten years in the business when you could have been a fully fledged working actor.  And isn’t that what it is all about at the end of the day? Aren’t we meant to be working constantly and creating our futures as successful artists.  Not flicking around saying, soon…soon I’ll be an actor. I just gotta get this done first.

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