I can feel the tension mount

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we actually had the ability to get excited about something, put it to the universe and then were totally able to take it out of our conscious mind so the world could do that thing it so magically does.  But instead, what happens?  We get an idea or a long term plan in our heads and we think about it a million times over until we have done the idea to death but not allowed ourselves to be present to the right now.

I know that positive thoughts and visualisation works a treat.  Goal planning and having a clear direction also works like a charm.  But you still have to live. You still have to be here right now in this moment, reading this blog and being present to the words. You still have to be present to the now that is your journey. You still have to show up to your own life!

One of the best little gems of Casting Director advice I have ever read –  was Always have something to go to or to do to after an audition. It’s so true and so simple. If all you are doing for the day is that one big audition and everything is hinging on that, imagine the extra tension and stress you are putting on yourself.  Imagine how much is riding on that one audition.  When you walk in that room you are literally going to be like a little bubble pumped up and ready to burst, but not necessarily in a good way. No instead, you may actually appear desperate, under pressure, and too needy. By too needy I mean the girl who really really really needs this audition right now. Note to self: Those CD’s can smell desperation a mile away like I can smell KFC when I’m drunk.

But if you have somewhere to be, a place to go, something interesting to look forward to after your audition, then the audition doesn’t become ‘everything’ that it doesn’t need to become.  You can waltze in, do your thing (excellently) and then leave to get to your next appointment, meeting, lunch date, audition, whatever it is!

The Desperate Housewives aren’t desperate! You need not be either.

Why not consider doing the same with your longer term planning. It’s all well and good and wonderful that you are getting out there and getting your acting action plan together, that you are realising your very powerful and strong motivations, aspirations and fears. It is even more wonderful that you are working so hard constantly to achieve them.  Now all you have to do is let go.  Find your other appointment, date, meeting, lunch.

What would this look like for a longer term goal? Maybe it’s a hobby you’ve can take up (art class), maybe is a new group you meet up with, maybe it’s an event you organise or partake in, maybe it’s improv class. Have a truly wonderful way for you to release from your acting career so it doesn’t all become about that one big goal you are so desperately working towards.

I mean your goals are yours, and they aren’t going anywhere, but you need not be desperate about them. Live, love, dance, play!

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