Don’t become the victim of your own daydream

My friend recently turned around and told me I was the little Carrie Bradshaw of the acting blog land. I giggled. Then I thought about it. Wow, what a cool thought. And as I typed away later that night I had a moment of fabulous grandeur imagining me with a huge column and little actors everywhere reading my words, the same way they did Carrie’s.   And I’m secretly hoping for a dinner party to be thrown in my honour in Paris.

It is funny how easily we can get carried away with ideas.  How easily a moment in our head becomes a lifetime on the page of life.  I often worry about living in my head, rather than in the now. Do you ever do that? Get so excited by the possibility of something, you forget where you are at this very moment.

And in the opposite way, how beautiful is it when someone has your undivided attention because you are totally present to them in that moment, just like you are when on a first date. It feels mesmerising.

Making our life happen is always baby steps, and with baby steps comes baby goals, and with baby goals come the realisation of bigger goals. And so on and so forth. But you gotta stay with me in the now. Time waits for no woman, least of all the one living in a permanent daydream.

It’s okay to dream. That’s a celebration too. The right dreams help us to elevate to a whole new place. But “living” in daydream land is not constructive.

I recently had to take stock and think about where I am. I’m in Australia visiting my beautiful family and friends, who I often pine for from London. And here I was one day wondering what I was missing while I’m away. Umm hello! Nothing. My beautiful friends and family are right in front of me, and right now this is the perfect place to be. The auditions can wait, the scripts will still be there. I am busy living and loving.

And in the way of fixes, if you think your world isn’t right, or perfect, or solid, you may be inclined to find ways to unnecessarily change it, rather than taking a check first. Take your time. We are perfect little creatures all individually flawed in just the right way. Yes, work on self improvements, yes set goals and realistic timeframes for achieving them, yes exercise and be healthy, but don’t go changing everything so you fit with those crazy daydreams all at once. Maybe you already have exactly what you need right here, right now in this moment.

What better a way to rock into 2013 than by taking an inventory on how awesome you presently are, while being here in this moment. Take a deep breath and look around you. Phone down, computer off. How beautiful is this world of ours. How beautiful are you already!

2 thoughts on “Don’t become the victim of your own daydream

  1. Angela Peters says:

    Aww thanks Michelle, I'm pleased to hear that!
    I think I'll have to make sure I come back and read this post frequently… I love getting carried away with the daydream fairies. x

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