Presence plus love

Today’s post is a little different from usual. I’ve decided to get with the naughties and vblog it…Vblogs are all the rave now after all. And what better a way to start than with a little moment of truth that encompasses what I penned last week when I wrote about being present right now, rather than living in a bubble…or living in your permanent daydream.

It happened. I had this awkward moment where I was massively challenged. I had to actually do what I always talk about doing…so here goes. Here’s my little moment of truth from one actor to another.


I guess it’s all about finding your inner B.A.B.E.. It’s about finding ways to be a better actor, finding ways to be more authentic.  Thanks for watching. And don’t forget to share your stories if one comes to mind. Was there ever a time where you realised you aren’t being truly present to someone around you? Are you not present at all? Has there been a time when you know that you could give love, if only you would stretch your heart that little bit further? Feel free to share. You’re a B.A.B.E.!

Want to read the book I mention in this vblog? Check it out here. It is truly amazing!

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