Let’s talk about voiceovers baby, let’s talk about you and me

Last month I was delighted to share my insights on Voiceovers in my first ever Backstage article. When Backstage invited me to become a guest expert I was absolutely thrilled. I’ll be honest… I have hoped to be a writer on Backstage since I first started writing B.A.B.E. (and that was a long time ago – after all we just celebrated our eighth birthday). But it’s more than that. Backstage for me is a place where I go for real, useful and practical acting advice and knowledge. They’re experts in the business.

And I figure, if I’m going to be an expert on a website full of experts I admire, then we better hope I know what I’m talking about. I promptly pulled my socks up very high and got to thinking. And then it hit me – it made sense to start with voiceovers. They’re such a hot hot topic right now, and as I mentioned in my recent piece on HOW TO GET STARTED AS A VOICEOVER ARTIST, it’s a magical job for actors to do. And it’s a magical job for pregnant actors to do when they aren’t booking much work because of their belly…he he. angela peters australian voiceover artist

Over the last year I’ve been the voice for all the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here promos for ITV, I’ve done a BP job, numerous banks, corporate roles, telephone prompts, feature film and short film voice roles, BBC ADR on Dr Who (I know right!!) and the likes…

You gotta preach about the things you practise right? Right.

So without further ado, here’s a little piece in Backstage on Four Things to Consider When Getting Started in Voiceovers.

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