An online school for champions

Yes we know that studying acting around our busy schedules, voiceovers, auditions, rehearsals, networking, coffees and those dreaded other jobs makes it a challenge. And it can be even harder to keep to a weekly schedule on a set day of the week – it means we often miss out on things, and have to say no […]

5 rules for successful actors (+ those self employed)

We all have rules. Or at least we should. Rules for successful actors. Rules for life. Rules that aren’t for rules sake. Rules like…. I won’t drink at home on three school nights of the week. Or – I won’t sleep in on a Saturday. Or – I will exercise three times a week. (The […]

The greatest gift of all

I always wanted to be Wonder Woman growing up. It’s no secret. All of my mates are aware that I own the costume, and some of my friends have even let me dress as Wonder Woman for parties when it didn’t even fit the ‘dress up theme’ (thanks Sarah!). And I like to think that, like Wonder Woman, each […]

Do you know what to do once you book a commercial?

I remember the first time I landed a commercial. I had been on sets before, even big sets. But those sets were never about lil old me. Those sets were for huge actors and I was just a background artist or stand in, watching and learning the craft. No, a commercial with me as the […]

Are you an actor with money mindset worries?

This is something really different…let’s talk moolah. This is really different to my usual chat, but still very much about mindset. But this time it’s about money and our mindset around that. I often think that when people think of creatives, especially actors or musicians, they automatically think of desolate hobos walking the streets, busking […]

How to make it through an audition without your baby screaming

A screaming baby or toddler is never great for a casting, either for your own well being, or for the other auditionees. But let’s face it, we can’t pay for a babysitter for every audition (when they usually command a minimum of at least three hours), and society just isn’t fully set up for freelancing mothers – right […]

Why every mum (who drinks) should have a teepee

I won’t lie. I am not the mother who is going to win any prizes for not drinking, for being the perfect doting angelic parent who makes sure every single thing that goes into their baby’s mouth is organic, or who hasn’t had a little lie in…in their baby’s teepee. Yeah that’s right. I build him a […]

Have you heard about Hygge?

Anyone heard about the concept of Hygge? It’s been sweeping the photo scene and Insta scene for a bit, but right now it seems to bubble away largely away from the mainstream fads (which I am pleased about). But it’s a brilliant concept, feeling, idea… Hygge Hygge is associated with acknowledging an emotion or moment of […]

Want to win a coaching session with me?

Every month I work with actors all over the planet – true story! I’ve got clients in Europe, LA, Australia, London, up north, and have even worked with peeps as far away as Malaysia (well okay that’s nearly as far away from London as Australia but not quite). I get pretty excited every single time […]

Final holiday time update for 2017

I don’t want to alarm anyone but we only have a few more sleeps until Christmas….are you ready? Presents bought? Agent and Casting Director thank you’s sent? I am sitting in a cafe right now and Under the Boardwalk is playing. It’s reminding me of misspent youth, of days in the sun riding my bike through pineapple fields, […]