Let’s talk about voiceovers baby, let’s talk about you and me

Last month I was delighted to share my insights on Voiceovers in my first ever Backstage article. When Backstage invited me to become a guest expert I was absolutely thrilled. I’ll be honest… I have hoped to be a writer on Backstage since I first started writing B.A.B.E. (and that was a long time ago […]

Happy birthday me…B.A.B.E. & CD giveaway

Happy birthday to us! This week B.A.B.E. turned 8 years old and we are thrilled to bits. Eight grand old years of helping actors, of finding awesome content for actors to be better at their acting jobs, of mentoring actors and helping them get closer to their dreams, and of just generally being the go-to […]

Showreel do’s and don’ts

There’s a lot to be said for an excellent reel. Just like an excellent headshot, an excellent showreel can get you into a room as a relative unknown. It can also stop you ever being seen if it’s absolute sh@t. So it pays to get it right. To get advice on what to put in your […]

You read B.A.B.E. – how does it all work?

So you read B.A.B.E. and you wanna get the emails too. Here’s how it works. Firstly if you haven’t subscribed, then you can do so here: [su_button text=”SUBSCRIBE TO B.A.B.E.” url=”https://actingbabe.com/subscribe” type=”info” icon=”heart”]less[/su_button] Then it’s always useful to know how the emails work. To help you as an actor, they’re sent as the following: BABE […]

Exposed…makeup-less and honest

If like me, you crave a morning get-ready routine, then one of the hardest things to fathom when you become a mummy, is that showers are going to take you hours and sometimes you won’t even get around to having one. That idea alone blew my mind when I first had my baby. I would […]

I was on the radio (again!!!) #humblebragging #excited

Hi all you groovy funsters. Guess who was on Soho Radio last week – EEEEEK. I had the best time ever. I walked into the studio to meet three of the most amazing humans, running this wicked show called Free Seed on Soho every Wednesday. And for 30 minutes of that show, I got to […]

Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now

If you’d asked me at fifteen if there’d ever be a time I couldn’t go to the drive-in cinema, I would have laughed at you like you were a real life zombie from Shaun of the Dead. No drive in cinema – HA! You got to be kidding me. It’s like my family’s Saturday night […]

Is technology bad for your baby?

Why you might just wanna turn the iPad, iPhone, and screen OFF I was listening to this TED talk by Adam Alter (go the Aussie psychologist) recently and he said some stuff that REALLY SANG to me. And I mean sang as in – I wanted to get into a church and belt out a bible […]

Hottest new casting resource in town…YES!

One of the biggest frustrations I had when I first moved to the UK over a decade ago, was that I had no idea where to go to find acting work. Sure I could google it, but that didn’t tell me which sites were legitimate and which were a total fraud (just like looking for […]